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Einzigartige Geweihe

The black forest loves the tradition and is connected to his homeland. His life is harmonized with the nature and local traditions. During the centuries the traditions grew and will be expressed with our culture and through our folk art.

HOLY.DEW takes care of these traditions and brings them to the future. The tradition and the connection to our homeland is important - also colors, neon, strass, bling bling.

At apartments, offices, galeries, restaurants HOLY.DEW combines with unique elements tradition and future. Our folk art, the antlers, crosses or Maria-statues will be modified by hand and create unique elements of our interior design.

Take a part of our nature & the black forest. Our antlers are hand-made and will be designed by our Passion - if you wish also individually. Unique antler deco, traditional elements & natural-Fashion from the black forest provides HOLY.DEW through his art.  



traditional, natural & individual uniques from the black forest



unique, by request can be repeated or
can be adapt

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